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Another preview of my upcoming flash film. ResidentEvil4 Working for the weekend.It has a little bit more footage from the movie. No, this is not all I have done. Its just the part Ive completed. Well, enjoy. Hopein this gets front page


very good and funny!10's to the shizzle!!!

Hey good stuff! I liked it when u played that song by Chicago for a sec "Inspiration" it was kind of funny! I like to Move it I like to move it was good 2 hadnt heard that in a while!! 10's 10's 10's!!! animation was good and drawings were basic and simple!! 10's!!

good stuff!

As good as the first one was!
I just think the rocket man thing should be a little shorter. And maybe you shouldn't be posting previews here, when you get the whole thing done people will be tired of watching the same scenes all over again.
And I think this could make it to the front page when you send the completed piece!
It is going very well, the only bad thing was that the music and sound effects were really loud and the voices were really low, I had to watch it with my hand on the volume control. It would be much nicer if you got the sounds going at the same level.

Ha ha

excelent, i loved it.


front page ! front page ! front page!

sweet song !!

rgfunnyman responds:

Thanks, You gave me holyfeild


Please tell me you're not serious. RE4 is a great game and I suggest you leave it alone. I seems like you're trying to make a parody out of it but you're really, really not. A parody if more like making fun of actual stuff within the game. What you're doing is using the characters and just making them do supposedly funny stuff. Your stuff is way too drawn out. I was about to exit out when Salazar started doing the William Shatner (I don't care how you spell his name) impersonation and I wish I had. You really need to take more time on the graphics and definantly the backgrounds. The character's mouths shouldn't completely disappear either.your style almost seemed like it was trying to be like The Super Flash Bros. (mostly cuz of the eyes and the movements) but way off par with them, not that you were trying to compete with them. Just, why the hell would you want to make several previews? Just concentrate on the full thing and release it damn. I dunno how this got even a green rank though. Oh well, I just don't see how it's supposed to be funny.

rgfunnyman responds:

Pretty Sneaky Siss. I WANT HOLYFEILD!

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2.90 / 5.00

Aug 3, 2005
5:48 PM EDT
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