LOZ: Lost Parody

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I made this one a long while back. I didn't know too much about flash or how to reduce filesize. I found this and decided to reduce the size and submit it. It's not bad. My first and last attempt at a sprite movie. Well....Enjoy.


[No Title , Like Everytime]

Meh .... Well ... ahem ... I don't think it's very funny sawry =s I didn't laughed

You spelt monster wrong.

Didn't notice when it suddenly changed from sprite to hand drawn, then to sprite again. Also another compliment would have to go to you for getting the Hyrule Market theme into this, not many do that you know.
Liked the ending where you tried to get that heart above Dondago Carven.
I've already got it, only becuae I'm a kickass Zelda Player.

To get it you have to visit this chubby guy and pay him some money then he gives you some magic beans.
You then have to go to sneak through Hyrule Castle and get Zelda to give you a permission letter saying "Link is under my orders to save hyrule.
After that you need to dodge tektites and boulders, and volcanic eruptions.
Then finally you plant the seed in a hole inside the Carven but outside the area.
Wait seven years for it to grow into a magic plant then jump on it and it will carry you to the heart peice you waited such a long time for.

Or you can do a backflip vertically in the direction of the heart above it. your choice!

it was ok

umm well it had a crappy yet funny ending though if you really quit the game from that 1 heart piece your and idiot but still this is a good flash so if you ever decided to do more finish the game lol but really good job 9/10 5/5


that was good, just next time dont get other pics with others, it makes it look wierd.

i know how to get that heart without a seed:P

good movie but i agree that you should draw instead of using sprites. o yeh you can get the heart piece if u stand next to the bomb plant and back flip over the broken fence lol

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Aug 2, 2005
2:52 PM EDT
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