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To all you people out there who said to give up animation can suck my balls. This is a preview for an upcoming flash. Hope you enjoy.


pretty good

This one's pretty good. I'd like to see the completed thing. This is the first RE4 parody i've seen around here.
by the way, don't take it personally when people tell you need improvement, that's what the reviews are for, for people to help you improve. You just have to think about what they say (I know, sometimes they get full of themselves, but that's the internet!) and try to do better next time.
Personally, I think Leon needs more muscles, he's all buffed up in the game.


Don't need to say much here since I've already reviewed the 2nd Preview...rgfunnyguy...you act so idiotic when you reply to someone's reviews because you can't think of anything good to say after someone told you that you need improvement!

rgfunnyman responds:

Pretty Sneaky sis. But ya know, your actually drinking columbian de caf coffe crystals

Thanks alot u ase hole..... oo the movie was fine.

Its just i got the darn song i liek to move it move it stuck in my head ^.^

rgfunnyman responds:

Everyone likes to move it.


beautiful, I loved it, the songs were great, good job

rgfunnyman responds:

I wanted hoyfeild, and you delivered.

Not bad

I mean, it wasn't the greatest thing ever, but it was fairly good. Content could use some improvement, but I've seen much worse. So, don't let those jerks get you down and keep at it =)

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2.53 / 5.00

Aug 2, 2005
3:50 AM EDT
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