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For Sevenstar...

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This is a tribute to our proud leader, Sevenstar. Another one soon to come.

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Well, this isn't that bad, if only because you could play them all at once. That gets so annoying when you have to click over and over. I guess this hasn't aged well. I am aware of SevenStar being revealed to be a pedophile. That was sooo bad. I guess I won't comment more on that.

I at least thought this was respectful. It's been ten years since the last review. Well, these videos don't have many reviews. I'm not a fan of the Star Syndicate, but feel for their loss.


.. is twisted. He tried to mess up NG, and (as the person below me said) he submitted CHILD PORN. That's just disturbing and wrong, on all levels. I hope he's in jail.
On a lighter note, Star Syndicate has come along way from its beginnings, producing many a good flash along the way. It is sad to see the leader of any group go, but as for me, i won't miss him. And who knows, maybe another member of Star Syndicate shall rise to take his place. As for whoever that is, learn from SevenStar's mistakes.
And don't get involved with child porn. Honestly, that is disgusting.


how come noone told me about sevenstar... i always loved star syndicate... poor seven star but the dancoing guys was the only funny part


It was sad... Well, it would have been hilarious but I suppose this actually happened, so it is sad. Sorry guys... I realize it has been two years, but I dunno how Sevenstar is doing. So is he ok?

a 5 and 10

if only because of how cruel you people are.