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this is my first time using action script so if this game sux, then at least complement me on something! as far as hardness, it gets harder as you go!


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(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
Awesome music...OWA is a great FF song to have in here. The game was fairly entertaining, though quite unforgiving.

^^Needs Improving^^
I thought maybe you could have more than one live, and perhaps be given the opportunity to gain more lives. I thought the level designs were a little boring. There were no enemies to stop you, which kind of makes it boring. Also, there seemed to be a lot of "invisible" walls where I was just stopped by what seemed like nothing. Something you may want to check out.

Pretty sweet!

It was really fun but you should have made it an RPG I think you could have done that! I BELIEVE IN YOU!!!

Yoogain responds:

haha maybe i will sometime. Well, sometime when i have time.. X3

Hey... like I said.. you'd be better making games!

Remember when I reviewed your movies and said you'd be better making a game and you said you'd try.... you did. It's good too, I didn't get a high score (7214 or whatever the hell it was). Nice game... better than your movies.

Yoogain responds:

haha that's what I've heard. But seeing as I'm stuck on an older PC now, I think I'm bored enough to make another one! XD

OMG! A final fantasy mario!

Might I say that your games are MUCH more fun to play than watching your movies. (Of course how would you play a movie?) This is one of the funnest games I've played on NG... and yet it's so simple! Keep this up your doing great! Oh btw I gave you a 2 instead of a 0 in humor because of the funny items that you can collect and the funny sound effects. I'm off to play this again! lol...

Yoogain responds:

lol yes i suppose you can't play a movie... that didnt come out right... you cant "play a movie INTERACIVELY".. yea that works lol and the sounds.. are sounds. o.o ^^ lol

This is really great, here's what you should add:

1) Character movement sprites. You can do a search on Final Fantasy 1 & you'll find what you'll need.
2) Enemies. This is why I gave you a 0 in violence. Learn how to program enemies so you'll have something to kill. Great game, just need
some enemies.
3) Health bar. Have it so when you fall in the water you lose some hp & start back at the begining of the level.
4) Weapons & magic. Make it so you can buy & find weapons & spells.
5) A restart & pause button.
6) Items & powerups.
7) Character select. Have it so you can pick the other upgraded light warriors, such as knight(fighter), black wizard(black mage), ninja(thief), white wizard(white mage), & master(black belt), as well as red wizard(red mage).

Do these things & you will have one of the greatest games on newgrounds.

Yoogain responds:

well, i have character movement sprites, just couldnt get the coding down for them, i tryed a few enemies... again codeing is off, health bar... hmm. didnt seem to fit without the enemys. weapons and magic... now theres an idea!. lol i tryed the restart one... didnt work.. coding agian, and pausing is another one i can do now. items and powerups... if i make a health bar then there could be an idea! :D character select... lol that was what i started with in my next one.. YES! its started!

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3.30 / 5.00

Jul 30, 2005
10:47 AM EDT
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