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A Cat-O-Blue Tribute

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Here it is, the first tribute to Cat-O-Blue and James Cliffe. 3 users met to build it up, each made a part wich is a remake of an existing episode of Cat-O-Blue.

AlyssaMilano: Episode 8
ZekeySpaceyLizard: Episode 5
Jetninjin: Episode 6

If you haven't seen the originals yet, please go and see them now as you can enjoy our remakes.

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HAHAHAHA XD poor cat, cant even get some "cat fud". i laughed every time that O'blue got hit by the can XP my favorit one is
Alyssa Milando's ep8 :p GJ! ep5 he practicaly got harrased by cat food XD and i like the kodac moment in ep6 well done ya'll!
Kudos to u all.

I vaguely remember some Cat-O-Blue flashes

Like the one with "CAT FUD" and the meaning of life or whatever. I don't have time to go back and watch all the rest right now, I'm just trying to catch up on my Zekey-reviewing. Ayup. #;-}>

Alyssa Milano: Yay, more CAT FUD! Speak of the devil. Mrow, mrow, CHASE SCENE. Yay. Chase scenes go better with hills. Anywho, sadly, Cat-O-Blue doesn't kick any ass in this one (he's no BEEBO, certainly), still... quite entertaining!

ZekeySpaceyLizard: Whoa, nice watercoloury background there. Your version of Cat-O-Blue is quite awesome, especially the tank-tread like feets. Sadly, the CAT FUD comes in and ends it all so abruptly. As often is the case, Zekey... we're left wanting more more more!

jetninjin: Scribble-style is teh great. Yours shows a bit more of the white background than I tend to like, but the squigglefactor is quite excellent. Ha ha. Nice zooms on the kittyfaces. And what an awesome flamey tree at the end + weird-ass sun. CAT FUD + LUV = GUD.

Good job, all. I'm just left wanting more is all. Ah well. I'll get around to watching the actual Cat-O-Blues I haven't seen before (and perhaps those I already have) sooner or later, and that'll have to do.

great song for a great flash for a great tribute

alyssa milano-cat-o-blue was diiffffferent

zekeyspacelizard- a good song indeed, the machine hated cat-o-blue-how dare it

jetninjin-weeeeeeeeeee very good indeeeeeeeeed

lol,im thinking of lip synching that song,"whats new pussy cat", at my school talent show

i have to...

i have to give this a ten in every catagory...
its the best thing i have seen in a while...
sorry for all the "..."

so whats with that can of cat fud...

...chasing the cat?


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3.92 / 5.00

Jul 29, 2005
4:06 PM EDT