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Red Sox vs Rolling Stone

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The online-smash hit of the summer, this hilarious cartoon has it all: Great humor, a classic soundtrack, and the Sox! Watch your favorite athletes and musicians become victims of Frank and Babe's ridiculous commentary.

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can't keep anyone on bass! doin' lines! bowie's balls! JUST TOO MANY JOKES FOR ONE CARTOON! I can't take it, wicked funny guy!


Hey dude that was wicked kool im a weekend season ticket holder for section 10 near pesky's pole and im goin to the game tommorow it was pretty sweet to see a red sox animation on here especially right b4 im goin to see the twins get dominated! Way to go john Olerude (GRAND SLAM tonight)!

Ignore the previous reviewer.

This is one fine movie, regardless of who you like. I myself am a huge Yankee fan, and I found this movie hilarious. And in response to the other reviewer, the comeback was remarkable, it was the first one of its kind. Only the Yankees could collapse so horribly in on themselves (thank you Mariano for blowing two potentially series ending saves.)

I don't get it...

That wasn't very funny, the only joke was one of the rolling stones snorting up the baselines. The voices were pretty quiet/hard to hear, you needed some captions on the bottom.


Funny movie, good sound & hi-quality but RED SOX SUCK!