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Potato Man Dressup v.3

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The third potato man dress up game. Thanks to Milkshakeclock for the dodgey printing button code ;)

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Notbad of a game

Everything in this has Processed very well and effectively, it was Acceptable, no i take that back, infact it was Spectacular and i didnt find much Lackluster areas maybe one or two but that could easily be worked on, but you do have some nice work here and it can only get better from here on out so nice job overall, hope to see more. This particular game kind of reminds me of the "DEAD-BABY" dress-up games, but also reminds me of a mexican man dress-up game lol wich are funny, but anyways this was notbad could use more items more props, i do however like the randomness of it all with there being some unique designs and all, and speaking of designs you should think about adding a border to the window screen seems abit plain. The flashing backround was alright but also seemed to get anoying so maybe thats also something that can be changed out aswell, So not to bore you any furthure with this review, But anyways you have some good work here allthough some more effort for better improvment could be done for an overall effect, and better outcome, Its not perfect but is ok for what you did supply in content, so on that part of stuff it was notbad at all. So a good flash well worth the while, some great effort here put fourth, untill next time keep the creativity flowing.

Before i get into improvments and updating any lacking areas, I just want to say that you have a good game here it kept me interested and was not boring by any means, There is allways room for improvment and while your flas was pretty decent there were a few stuff and details that could have some slight more effort, but i must say there is always room for some kind of improvment. add backrounds and add more items, also add a border around the edges of the canvus these would all be plusses on this kind of games.


i have no idea who potato man is but some nice and simple coding

Getting old....

Dress-ups are not fun and they seem to be what everyone wants to make. It's just a bunch of still pictures being put over eachother, not that great. And did you actually make fun of someone who complimented you in the review before mine? If you are going to update an already bad game, at least spend a while on it, I remember just seeing version 2 about a week ago. Do something new.

SpinningCubeClock responds:

bite me, you suck!


i like this, its cool , make more like it , u have potential or whatever .keep it up

sound marked 0 is coz i have no sound
interwotsit marked 0 coz im not sure wot it is

good job :)

SpinningCubeClock responds:

soz, but ur a n00b!!


I like that lots, especially the print button! Now i have three on my wall, fishing and two random ones, thankyou for bringing me joy.