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The Three Sluggards

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If you like this animation, check out the book!

This is a Grimms fairy tale. This tale contains a hidden layer of meaning which is not readily apparent. The encoded meanings and the mechanism used to conceal them within the narrative will be revealed in a later piece.

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Needed a better ending but it was a solid movie overall

I am so lazy

That I didn't even write a review


it was good and all but i wanted a better ending....i was like omg this is great then it just ended....its like a sudden cliff you werent expecting....make the ending much better and it would be perfect i mean perfect!

this was missing something...

i think there should've been a little more of a conflict....not like a physical fight. also i think it was missing some twist ending....u know like he's too lazy to take the crown...or too lazy to do something....just a twist

other than that i did like it, keep it up!

Gnostradamus responds:

Good point. It is a Grimms tale so there is a limit to what is possible, but yes, I do see an opportunity right at the end.


It was alright...

The punchline wasn't that good. It was kinda slow. But a really good effort. Definatley doesn't deserve blamming. It's a decent job.

Gnostradamus responds:

Yes, I realize that it is a bit slow. The point was less in making it entertaining than in making it clear.

In the next piece I intend to return to the story with a couple of observers. One who voices the same criticisms as pointed out here, while the other explains the hidden meanings contained within the story.