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as always he Piclownjew is that he fucks us all the eardrums, when he screams!!!


Yet another symbol taken to prohibit further use of it! Anyhow, amusing movie. :P Not much more to say about it, the graphics/animation are decent, the plot doesn't exist, heh, keep up the good work!



Well, I've never seen a Piclownjew flash befre. That being said, you could've at least warned me abotu his voice, and by voice I mean garbled screaming. That actually hurt a bit. This flash wasn't all that terrible, as the first submission was okay. Random killing was fun to watch. The other two I didn't like at all, and much needs to be improved on those two. The third one could use a background as well.

Good ol piclownjew to the rescue



i got alot 2 say...
1 the clown thing got REALLY REALLY anoying
2 in the albino clock animation the clock showed my time...SCARY i had it on 7:38 AND IT SHOWED THE EXACT TIME plz tell it it was ment to do that or a coincedence...its still a great animation