TV Salesman

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Animation about a young lad who does weekend duties at a television store.

Music by Boards Of Canada + Jim Ether


great job,

every ones blaming you for useing david firths style, think of it this way folks, its like surealism , just cause some one starts it doesnt mean others cant finish it !

not bad

it was ok, but i really feel sorry for you with the "dont get it" reviews, can't people just accept that not everything has a clear point, or infact any point.

Rip off

You need to get original. This and a some of your other toons are total rip off's of David Firth's style. Even your website looks strangely similar to his.

If this wasn't so similar to Firth's stuff then i'd give it a better score. But create your own stuff man, don't replicate.

Abukara responds:

the style maybe similar , but i do draw and animate everything myself. If you have actually made a flash yourself this takes a long time. You say it like im looking at one of his toons while im animating , this is not the case.

My new God

I liked this one, and it sparked JUST enough interest which prompted me to watch every other flash you've submitted... And I must say, they are all really well done. Please don't ever stop, you're my new favorite artist

Good stuff

This was kool. Very noir-ish

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3.38 / 5.00

Jul 27, 2005
6:59 PM EDT
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