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X Chains

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This took quite some time to make. The concept of this game is rather unique. If you're into fast, fun and addictive games, give it a shot.
Play with the arrow keys and space bar, and read the help file for more information.

In response to some of the negative feedback I've been getting (I can't complain, most people seem to like it, so I'm happy :)), keep in mind that this is my first flash game, so off course it's not flawless. Still, most people seem to enjoy it, so I consider it a succes. I learned a lot from making it, and from reading the feedback. Thanks for playing!

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Not bad

Pretty decent for a first-attempt. I do like the concept. However, as other people have said it could be improved with less explosions and making things easier to follow. Blocks should be made larger but faster. I'm sure I'm just repeating other people.

X Chains

I didn't like this game that much. I guess because I couldn't really grasp the concept of the game. For this to be your first flash game it's pretty awesome! Keep up the good work.

Good Potential.

It's amazing considering it was your first game. The only thing i didn't like was it took a really long time to complete each level. The controls were easy to learn and get used to though.

Good idea, could be better.

It's a good game with aunique idea, but some of the factors made it a littly crappy compared to what it could be. First thing first, the coloured blocks needed to be bigger, as it was hard to see and even harder to realise what was going on. The blocks should have moved faster too, it got boring fast. Finally, maybe less explosions next time, it was very hard tos ee what was going on.

Nice try, keep at it.

Sounds are very annoying,

The "AUHUHUHUH" sound and the "EHUHUHUHUHUHU" sound in the background are very annoying and a pain to listen to while playing an otherwise great Flash game. It could also use a bit of variety, but that's my opinion...

Credits & Info

3.73 / 5.00

Jul 26, 2005
7:24 PM EDT

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