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Greghory's Assault

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-=A time challenge game=-
The challenge: Make a full game in one sitting.
Total time: 5.5 hours

Arrows : move
Space : Elephant Boner

Programmed by Monkokio / Animation by Jermz / Music by SYNJ

When we were in grade-school, there was this ongoing joke where one kid would sneak up to another from behind and deliver a mighty knee into his backside. Upon doing this, the person administering the knee would shout "ELEPHANT BONER!"

Greg is on a mission to share the lost joy of the elephant boner and spread peace to the entire world, one boner at a time.

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Elephant Boner!

He should'a screamed when you get a good hit. The cries of pain and agony and his laughter would have been a good touch. You should've added some audio for laughs.
People would say Ow F(&)! or WTH MAN! What's wrong with you! Then when Greg runs into garbage the tenth person he boned would've recovered and bone him back.

So yeah, I enjoyed the game but got boring pretty fast without some added fun. Concept was good, controls were fun, music fits the theme. I see that it was a time, chalenge, good job managing all this in 5.5 hours. Add some audio though to a second version, it's hurting your score since NO ONE READS THE AUTHORS COMMENTS. Time challenge guys, at least gratz him for GIVING YOU A GAME. So ungrateful. I MEAN COME ON A 0?! WTF GUYZ! WERE SUPOSSED TO SUPPORT PEOPLE WITH REASONABLE REVIEWS SO THEY GET BETTER NOT GO AWAY! Sorry for the rage rant.

noo this game is boring noooooo go away dont play

noo this game is boring noooooo go away dont play


boring rubish


ok so the controls are easy to understand. thats a plus the music is all right. the animation is par technically this is a good game but I cant help but feel there should be something more to be had... what if this was side-scrolling? or who about a difrent animation style? I don't know. look around and see if anyone has any thoughts.

maybe power-ups is an idea. or enemies that want to bone you.
i try to be fare. i'm no programer im a gamer writer and artiest.

man, kinda sucked sorry

you should try to make more interesting games

Credits & Info

3.33 / 5.00

Jul 26, 2005
5:50 PM EDT

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