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Greghory's Assault

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Author Comments

-=A time challenge game=-
The challenge: Make a full game in one sitting.
Total time: 5.5 hours

Arrows : move
Space : Elephant Boner

Programmed by Monkokio / Animation by Jermz / Music by SYNJ

When we were in grade-school, there was this ongoing joke where one kid would sneak up to another from behind and deliver a mighty knee into his backside. Upon doing this, the person administering the knee would shout "ELEPHANT BONER!"

Greg is on a mission to share the lost joy of the elephant boner and spread peace to the entire world, one boner at a time.

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Elephant Boner!

He should'a screamed when you get a good hit. The cries of pain and agony and his laughter would have been a good touch. You should've added some audio for laughs.
People would say Ow F(&)! or WTH MAN! What's wrong with you! Then when Greg runs into garbage the tenth person he boned would've recovered and bone him back.

So yeah, I enjoyed the game but got boring pretty fast without some added fun. Concept was good, controls were fun, music fits the theme. I see that it was a time, chalenge, good job managing all this in 5.5 hours. Add some audio though to a second version, it's hurting your score since NO ONE READS THE AUTHORS COMMENTS. Time challenge guys, at least gratz him for GIVING YOU A GAME. So ungrateful. I MEAN COME ON A 0?! WTF GUYZ! WERE SUPOSSED TO SUPPORT PEOPLE WITH REASONABLE REVIEWS SO THEY GET BETTER NOT GO AWAY! Sorry for the rage rant.