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Author Comments

You can also email me to stefan@doublegames.com


cool game

it was a cool demo of this game from you website. it provided a decent challenge of what you could play from it. a deluxe demo version would be nice too, since i really dont want to buy this game.


Kinda biased... the computer gets the right numbers on aprenticed.

Damn...familar as hell

I played this game a long time ago before....but it's tight. Glad I got to play it again. Great ass game. 2 thumbz way up d('.'d). Keep up the good flash work you'll go far.

I re-activated my account to review this.

One of the most addicting and original games I have played on Newgrounds. I could spend hours playing this. Absolutely exceptional. Keep up the good work.

Ignore the critics. This is a good logic game.

Graphics: Pretty good representations of little lego people. I know most of the people reviewing this submission want everything on Newgrounds to be hentai games and movies with gore splattering everywhere, but clearly the designers set out to create something cute, simplistic, and childish, and I think they succeeded. My only complaint is that the lego guys on the map look a little fake, somehow. I think it's the eye and the heads. They're 3D-shaped, but they don't look 3D, they look like lineart. Maybe try making the lines thiner on them? I'm not really sure how to correct this, but it's the only visual flaw I could find.

Style: Congradulations, guys, you REALLY pulled off the style you were going for, as evidence by all the whiney emos giving this submission bad graphics and style scores. I'm not sure what the Bob the Builder clone in the submission icon has to do with anything. Isn't that mixing your merchendisable 4-year old demographic borderline copyright infringement metaphors?

Sound: none. Huh-huh! We have to PAY for sound! *DOINK!*

Violence: none. Heaven help us. They released a kids' game on nergrounds.

Interactivity: Like I said in the summary, it's just a well-made, simple little logic puzzle. Big bricks go on bottom. Little bricks go on top. You can work with what they give you, or take your chances with the mystery block. If you manage to line up several numbers in order, you get bonuses. I wish there were a few other kinds of combos you could make. Or better still, I wish this was a building stuff game, and not a number game. But then again I am a huge dork who loved to play with legos when he was little. I'm not sure who would want to buy this, but I'm guessing it's being marketed to parents. If the sound has people counting off numbers when the kid picks a block or makes a match, maybe this could be a great learning tool for kids who can use a mouse but can't count yet? I dunno.

Humor: none.

Overall: Pretty good. I think it's a neat little game, Newgrounds just isn't the best crowd to showcase it to. But I'm guessing you submitted it here for free beta-testing, not to attract our demographic. On that note, this demo has nice graphics. Get it? Demographics? Okay, I'll shut up now.

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Credits & Info

3.20 / 5.00

Jul 26, 2005
2:02 AM EDT
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