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ClockCast Meets Nessie

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This movie was made after watching my first Clockcrew collab. I hope no clocks were offended in this movie, because I made this movie solely for a laugh.

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I just go blam, to the clock stuff. But your parody wasn't too bad, good thing I actually watch what's presented.-thanx looking forward to your next piece.

I gave this entry a 5

B'cos It Kicked Ass, did u come up with the lock ness idea or is there a lock ness lock ?

EternalRabbit responds:

as far as i know, there is no lock ness... it was my idea, but there might be one out there somewhere...


We live in fast times of technology and industry, and as such it is important to remember that whatever we, small people, build, is never a match for the forces of nature. We should not fight it, lest we be crushed underfoot, but rather extend our minds to nature's call and pursue peace and harmony instead. This is one of the principles upon which the Clock Crew rests - love of mother earth and all her beautiful creatures.

The varying accents of the Clocks portrayed in this movie further emphasize the international and ethnic diversity of the Clock Crew, as well as help the hearing-impaired to fully understand the plot. I commend you on this powerful statement.

EternalRabbit responds:

very true!

No offensiveness...But i dislike it.

Yeah um... i cant really understand the point of the clock crew, and i cant exactly like them either. So i didn't watch the whole thing. Sorry to be mean and give you such a crappy rating over something you spent probably a lot of time on.

Good stuff.

I realized that you made something else I liked too. You aren't too bad for having worked with the Clock Crew. Keep up the good work.