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Jinx Versus Torte

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Author Comments

This is a redone version of one of my very first movies. I decided to redo it due to the prodding of my younger brother. Both characters are taken from the first Super Mario RPG game for SNES. This movie is my tribute to the game, thus explaining why the entire fight takes place in the RPG style.

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It was good...

But it needs some work...but it was pretty dam funny when he did 9,999 damege.

good job.

Good job, I completely forgot about those two. You did a good job on the voice acting.

it was alright

it was an OKAY clip. it managed to kill some time. ill give it a 4 cuz its mario stuff though. u shuldve made torte win tho cuz in the actual game he wasnt damageable lol, sike . u do watever u feel like. it was kinda funny tho nice voicin for torte lol

not bad one

that was a nice animation... but too short. i was a little bit distraught over that. i was enjoying this animation, cool action and quite amusing, and then it was over.... i thought it was way too short. it was nice to watch though, dont get me wrong there, but i think that it should've been quite a bit longer overall.


Master of Pies? XD