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Nero 3

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Author Comments

Edit: Thanks for the daily 5th Newgrounds!

I have worked pretty hard on this movie, this is the last Nero movie so please enjoy!

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i just love stick man animations but this one is my favorite the fight style camera angles and art work is just amazing

i don't have something to say except i agree with Fr0zEn Ph0eNIX

I agree with you

I agree with you completly Fr0zEn... i would write my own reveiw but i dont wanna


Yup, I agree with FrozenPhoenix.


You have potential up the wazzu, but you have requested my honest review, and now you shall get it. Brace yourself my friend.

Graphics 3: You know as well as I do that the main focus to this was the crazy stick fighting, however, this was seriously lacking in any kind of pretty scenery, and at the same time a lot of the effects were rather... sub-par. If you want to increase the overall quality of your movies I suggest putting as much times as the objects around your characters as the characters themselves. This is also the sort of battle that would seriously be complimented well by effects, take that into major consideration next time.

Style 7: Sticks are sticks, what can I say, but having once been a stick figure animating jerk bag myself, I can't help but have a soft spot for them. I can tell you though that you have a good way of establishing a clarity in your motion that most people cannot, your fights flow very well, but they lack true impact really, as in I don't really feal any consequences or anything at all really... I'll get to that in a bit.

Sound 5: It was standard, not much to say about it

Violence 7: The fighitng was good, the brawls were interesting, and the choreography for the most part was pretty unique. I think the angle switches that COULD have added to this however, severely hindered it as they didn't seem stategically placed at all... they rubbed off as sort of a "I feel like changing angles here for no real reason at all!". Even so,you pulled it off nicely enough.

Interactivity: I suppose this is as good-a place as any to throw in my comments about writing and character development. Although we followed the main character since Nero 1, nobody really has any kind of feeling toward/about him. He could die at any given time, and nobody would care. The measurement in enemy's power compared to him seem boring because honestly, nobody sees anything more than him being a powerful being that can't lose (which was a fundamental flaw with Xiao, and the same IMO with Killing Spree). When you have one character just wailing on people, it just doesnt do well for the movie as a whole. People need suspense.

Humor 0: Wasn't funny =P

Overall 6: You have a good idea here, but your best bet is to give people more reason to care, rewrite something new, something that people can get attached to, something that people can get involved in. Have plot twists, hell, have an eminent plot! Do that, and mix it with your fine choreography, and you have great, frontpage material.

Credits & Info

3.98 / 5.00

Jul 24, 2005
3:33 PM EDT
  • Daily 5th Place July 25, 2005