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The BLAMMED! Collection 2

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Author Comments

the movie is good, we did not steal any of these movies,


an insight into the cartoons getting blammed today

Fat - the drawings in this cartoon are actually quite good and the background is also quite intresting (although by the looks of it the authers didn't create the backgrounds themselves, good job if they did though). the music in this is very annoying which makes you want to turn it off almost straight away, and loops are usually only enjoyable when they are funny.

an avarage loop which can annoy 3/10

Terrance's problem - The story of this cartoon is one that would actually work quite well if it was done in a better way. It paradies all those "here is a kid who gets bullied at school, who is now depressed" cartoons on newgrounds. the drawings and animation is not very good and the plot is predictable but it gets it's point across well.

the voice acting is ok but the quality of the recording is not very good so it crackles at some parts. the music behind it all fits quite well though. It didn't make me laugh but at one part in which the counsaler shouted DIE i did jump a little.

a cartoon which is slightly enjoyable that isn't made as well as it could be 4/10

WTF - I feel bad as i can't review this properly as i turned off half way through, but i guess that shows a lot for how good the cartoon was. there was no sound, no plot, and all there was to entertain you was poorly done frame by frame which is random, but not funny.

good for a first attempt at frame by frame but nothing that would impress. not very enjoyable to watch or even write about 1/10

Life Of Joe - a poorly drawn and poorly animated cartoon. it really is hard to enjoy an animation when the only animation in it is mouth movement that doesn't even seem to match up with the words that are being said. the plot seemed childish and the sound wuality was poor.

a childish and not very enjoyable cartoon 2/10

G - well what can i say about this. it's just the letter G repeated over and over with a flashing man. All this does is annoy.

a cartoon just created to annoy. 1/10

Poop - a poorly animated and drawn cartoon. it has no sound and after a while it just goes onto that awful G cartoon. it's a frame by frame done it brown about poo. it's a poem about poo that only people who find poo funny will laugh at. although i have to admit me being quite an immature person burst out in hysterics when i read the word diahreah.

a poorly done frame by frame that is perfect for the immature. 3/10

when a cartoon is submitted to newgrounds which is just a collection of blammed cartoons, they only get through because they are collections. i for one enjoy blammed collections as it gives me an insight into what cartoons are being blammed as i find the majoritory of them so poor that they are hilarious. this collection is a badley animated one with little humor and poor drawing but did keep me watching all the way through (well almost).

enjoyable if you like blammed collections, but really it's just six rubbish cartoons 3/10

WhoCaresClock responds:

i wish i could read your review, but it sounds like you loved it


i hope you have seen what you have done. The BLAMMED! Collection 3, here i come

WhoCaresClock responds:

i am in, i can send you three movies i have submitted and blammed


Graphics-(8) I really like how it was drawn.

Style-(8) I gave Style a high score because the movie was original.

Sound-(2) Fat,fat,fat,fat,fat,fat,fat,fat,fat,fat,fat,fat,fat,fat.

Violence-(3) A devil stabbing and a docter stabbing,pithetic.

Interactivity-(1) Yes,i had to click a little bit here and there.

Humor-(7) It's funny because it's pithetic.

Overall-(5) It has it's bads and it's goods, But it's kind of like a murderer getting the death pinalty and you bringing him back from the grave (no, you aren't god, you just have powers...............or something) well,anyway, I deeply recommend you don't make another one of these. If ur going to make something like this make it like....."Greatest Newgrounds Movies". People would like that, Not this horrible load of bullshit,And if you make another collection of these make sure you add "the BLAMMED! collection 2".

This is waffle, Signing off!

wat is this???

These animations got blammed for a REASON! why the hell did u bring them back? They got blammed because people dont LIke them!

WhoCaresClock responds:

who cares?

Blammed Means..

blammed means people voted for it 2 not come bak but...
leave it 2 a stupid clock 2 bring back stupid things people dont want


WhoCaresClock responds:

meth is good for your brains

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Credits & Info

1.40 / 5.00

Jul 21, 2005
10:40 PM EDT
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