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Cheatania Episode 1

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First of all, I wanna say that this wasn't just me. it was also Glnlego, helping me. Thanks man! I wanna give a shoutout to Liza and Kayli, two people I met while making this. (through glnlego) Thanks!! Anyway. This is about me. It may not look like me, but it is. It's about me being accidentally thrown into an alternate dimension, which most of my creations and Megaman X and Zero are sucked into. No real action in this episode, though...please. I think this has the potential to be a good series. Give it time...there's a lot of reading in this one, but how else was I able to tell the story? Anyway, enjoy!!
PS I would of put a picture on the "watch this movie" button but I'm not sure if this series would take off or not...


fellow sevenfold fan

did u know there was 4 albums released, not 3. warmness of the soul featured 4 songs. it was self released. if you dont believe me, check out it on thier music section of the band site. it still consitutes as an album, regardless of its length or release date. an album's an album.

for this, i gave it a 1. it sucked. the only reason for the one is because u actually spent some time on it.

Rammstein911 responds:

First of all, you're putting a review of a different flash on this. Why?
Secondly, that was an EP, not an album.
Thirdly, I know it sucked. It's very old. It was pretty good for me at the time, though. But at least you were honest, thanks.


thepart when he is talking on the blue thingy moves way to slow. Make it happen a little bit faster and it wolud be good. The preloader was really really cool.

Rammstein911 responds:

I know, there's gonna be a lot less reading in the next chapter! ^^

Just like in real life

I WISH you could type a whole message by pressing one button (btw, pretty cheap way to introduce the story)


Let me say the positive... so this review is short. I like the concept and I like the music (and style) of the "Finish Menu."

Rammstein911 responds:

Ah, well. Maybe you'll enjoy episode 2 some more.

couple of things

1: up the rate of FPS
2:more sound effects
3:less than moderate use of brain activity of sequnses of symbs
(A.K.A reading)

then itd be perfect but keep it up!

Rammstein911 responds:

Hey, thanks for the 7! And the 10 in style. I'll take your advice, trust me.

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2.63 / 5.00

Jul 21, 2005
9:06 PM EDT
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