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I have not made a submission in over a year. Now I return, with blazing glory!

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The ending just trolled me with a laugh and I was already laughing (how lovely is to laugh and get laughed at at the same time!!!) XDXDXD

It was worth the wait!

This was really cool to watch because the idea of comets being people's faces was so funny. I guess I have a dirty mind, because I kept thinking he was saying "Strawberry C*nt". I love the ending where they simply collapse because their faces are too big. It was also cool to see that they lived on BiologicalClock. People are always going to make blatant ripoffs of something, no matter how cheesy or silly it may turn out. I especially like the repetitive talking and the overall satire.

Since they have big Comets for their faces........

How could they carry those big rocks around like that? Would that be very hard to have for a face?
- JojoMon


i think newgrounds is one giant fad that has spawned mini fads so the giant newgrounds fad keeps getting cool

Eternal-Panda responds:

Sounds about right.


"i want to die..." "me too"
i drank a gallon of water and watched it a 2nd time so that my belly woulda jiggle!

Eternal-Panda responds: