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I´ve made this movie months ago, but now the movie is translate (portuguese to english) and everybody can understand the message of it. I hope you enjoy it. thanks. www.lucasgonzaga.com

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really good

the story was funny, imaginative, and it had a good moral so i thing it deserves at least a 9

whut teh craps

i did not get this, it is a mystery

People Can Relate

Artwork here is good but animation is a little bit off. The story reflects alot of situations in life im sure alot of people here on Newgrounds can relate to which is why this piece is very good. I am not overly keen on the 'gun dream' but I see it was needed to get the message across that we may jump to these conclusions but not always act on them which makes us a more patient and better person than others. Good stuff here.

This was a little emotional...

This reminded me of my life in high school. Whenever people seem to yell at me, I didn't say anything back to them, but hung my head in depression. I writing this now, a long while after it was made because I found it in my favs and I forgot why, until now. I understand why he would think of shooting everybody up. It was because he might'e been thinking of what would happen if he did not have "patience". But what he did was good, despite that horrid thought he made. He just walked away. Your message I don't really understand. Personally, this was how I thought I would do if I was pushed over the edge. But in the end, I chose to just dissappear for a few days to where I thought would give me good peace, the town library. I would sleep at my church and just come ack to the library. But before I did that, my brother ran out after me, and begged me to not run away. I finally agreed to go back home. Only to find a teacher at my house, worrying the sick out of her. Now that I think about it, it was because I yelled smack at my school over the phone because some students actually DID push me over the line. I said if I had a shotgun, I would shoot eveyone in the leg, for all the absolutely terrible things they have done to me in Junior High. In my head, I didn't want to kill them. Because if I did, that would be just like the Columbine High School massacre all over again. When I finished my smack talk at the school, this thought appeared in my head, and I was struck with fear. So I just wanted to hide away. But sorry for droning on, overall, this was very emotional, good job.

God Bless.


That was great! I tried thinking that and it calmed me down!
Good moral at the end 2.
Well done.

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4.03 / 5.00

Jul 20, 2005
6:35 PM EDT