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Bit disapointing, this score is, I was hoping for a 2.5+ as my last submission got a 2.24, but oh well. Glad some people liked it and I'm going for more 8-)

The Club is closed, but there are protestors, and police. In a fbf-world, this is what you get. 4000 frames, 18 fps. Please review and most of all, enjoy!

Go, go, go!

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Well a different feel complty from the other FBF you have.
This one is much more upbeat, and the music is really hopping.
The flash moves right with the music very nicly, thigns speed up and slow down nicly with the music. I like hte movement of the objects, they were very well times with the music. I know that took a lot of effort.

Jovatov responds:


Another great work...

Sound gets 11/10. I love techno and classical.
This was very very fun to watch and listen to!
Is it me, or did it have some sort of story? Johnathan, you have failed..........

.....failed to disappoint me. i (as well as others) LOVE abstract style. Keep up the superb work!

Jovatov responds:

Sort of story, yeah, its a contest kidna like, between the police/dots and the protestors/ribbons, cool eh?

pretty good

I thought it was good flash I didn't fully get what the contest or whatever was though was it some sort of fight? or a contest of tricks? oh and I think it's great that you have taken the time to respond to every review, not very maney people do that if any

Jovatov responds:

Yeah its kinda like a fight with tricks in form of a contest, and I like getting respond to my reviews, so I do it back :)


i thought it was great good job

Jovatov responds:



very nice, im just learning FBF and urs are very impressive. the only problem is ur use of symbols (eg. backgrounds, clouds) when it is supposed to be completly fbf.. still very nice maybe we can do a collab. one day i voted a 5 hopefully u reach that 2.5+

Jovatov responds:

Who says it's supposed to have no symbols? And don't vote on it evryday to get to 2.5, I would like to earn it in the honest way