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Bob's Ball

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PLEASE NOTE: Some people have been saying, there's not enough of a plot. KEEP IN MIND THAT I MADE THIS IN A SINGLE DAY. Thank you.

A short about Bob in which he finds himself a ball in the middle of the wilderness.

Note: While I did everything else, the model of bob and the texture of bob are courtesy of TurboSquid. I did not make his texture nor his model, so please do not criticize me for its horrible quality.

Also note: I made this for a 3d course, so I was trying to evoke emotion without facial movements. Same for the lack of plot :-P

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very nice. kinda short. but still it was done in maya(wich you dont see often here) i gotta 5 it


That is some excellent 3D. Some guy throwing some ball into the air while sitting at a table.. must have taken a long time to make... but there really wasn't a plot.... but the graphics were really good. It didn't lag my computer that much like most 3D graphics do. nice.

Well now

put that INCREDIBLE animating skills to good use by making a much longer flash. Seriously good work man

that was great

the animation blew me away , a little bit of a story would be nice other wise awsome job

orb responds:

Thanks a lot!

was it flash?

i waited to download 4 mgs and for what? best graphics ever said the previous reviewer...it just isnt flash is it? if i wanted to look at maya animation i would go to some poncy techy site wher i can cream myself over it. this isnt even good maya animation.

orb responds:

Well, people submit 3d animations here often. I'm not the first. There's also claymations here, and even papermations. You shouldn't predjudice your rating because this wasn't made with flash.
Besides, "isnt even good maya animation." Well, firstly, I did it in only a day. Secondly, can you do maya animation? Maya is an extremely complex program... infinitely more complex than flash. It has over 10,000 menus (menus... like file, edit), and over 100 million lines of code. If you can do maya, that's great. Show me up. e-mail me a link or something. But if you can't, then you don't understand the complexity that is maya. Please don't grade me down for using a different program.

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3.87 / 5.00

Jul 19, 2005
1:57 PM EDT