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Wow! Front Page! You guys are crazy, thank you! =D
High spirits and dopey antics give Cheech and Chong hilarious pot-based humor. In this short they introduce and showcase the greatest drive-thru to ever exist...EVER!

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Oh the memories of the early years.

I've been a huge Cheech and Chong fan for a few years but I never heard this sketch. The animation is really awesome and it's absolutely hilarious. I hope my town gets a McDoobie's someday. I could go for some Really Happy Meals and Hash Brownies.

Heh so that was cheech and chong? Seems promising enough

And the animation just adds to the hilarity. Nice work

jessejayjones responds:

Haha, thank you man! Appreciate it! :)

God Bless Cheach&chong

Great advertisement for McDonalds and a nostalgic throwback to a better time when advertising was actually good and knew how to inspire and catch the viewership's attention. I have no complaints as far as the animation goes - this series doesn't toot it's own horn and most of what it does is quite deliberate as to the portrayal of the characters.