LAH episode 4

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to most of you who think i do these quick i was working on this one ages ago and here it is so enjoy! vote 5!
ps i did use some of thes from the audio portal but their ids dont work so its gorebastard and paragonx9



This is alot better graphically wise then all your episodes I want to help you so I'll try and give you some constructive criticsm becasue obviouusly your really into making this series.

1.For some reason it looks as if your copying tommarows nobodies in this episode, Dont do that again get your graphics good like this but dont copy something alot better then yours it pisses people off.

2.Get voice actors, number one problem is you havent gone through pubertey yet, and you have no voice acting skill all your charcters sound the same.

3.Even thought your trying to be funny this random plot with stiff you THINK is funny isnt working out(copying tommarows nobodies again) try and make up a decent story at least and spend some more time polishing these out.

4.Don't ever make a scene were they go in the chatroom again that part totally sucked.

Well I wish you luck in upcomming flash, plesae try and follow these steps then your series will be actually good(and not well,...gay.)

flashTEK responds:

this was the crappest episode anyway i didnt mean to copy tn i actually didnt mean 2 actually! i didnt even have a thought about tn lol

good animation but u need a new mic

um... it wuz ok... u desperatly need a new mic though... and ur characters look like there 20 years old, but the voices sound like they're 6 year olds... gotta reach puberty man...

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flashTEK responds:

actually im 13 and i am very proud of my work my voice just sounds weird on a mic


The animation was good for the most part, but the audio was abosolutely horendous, sounded like you were on XBox live breathing into the mic. Improve your audio, lil smoother animation and you're set!

flashTEK responds:

kk thnx

I see.

Ok. The graphics wern't bad but you could've used more backround music and better voices. Oh, and it was NOT funny. If you make a next one fix the humor. Plz

flashTEK responds:

already in progress

Well now.

You do have some skill in making a flash, but you lack what is needed to make it good. It wasn't funny at all.

flashTEK responds:

well i was bored at the time and i couldnt think of any good jokes

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2.77 / 5.00

Jul 17, 2005
4:22 PM EDT
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