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Endless War

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I tried to make an arcade shooting game with lots of guns and enemies. It can take about 2 hours to complete all missions.

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d day should be hard did you see sving private ryan scene or im dumb and it just doesnt take place in omaha beach in the game

The birds-eye view of battle is common in a lot of games but this takes a new uniqueness by making the ai smarter, good job with the later additions.

pretty neat but the enemies take like a thousand hits while you take like 5. plus the shoot through walls are weird.
also, rocket launcher soldiers are overpowered, they ALWAYS 360 RPG shoot you in 1 second. And I keep getting shot through the damn sandbags and trees!!!!!

A very Fun shooter. Nice range of weapons and missions. If you have about an hour to kill then this should be for you. The difficulty ratings don't quite match up with the missions. In some cases you can easily complete a hard mission and fail an easy or medium mission multiple times. I recommend anyone who wants to play a bit of flash game history to play this. It spawned another six games (as of this review).

・Weapons are plenty.
・This game has 5 Campaigns and 29 Levels.
・This game has Weapon's Information Page in the Title menu.

・Some weapon's Name is Incorrect. (Colt 1911 Pistol is Colt 1914 Pistol.)
・Most of the Weapons' firing sounds are same.
・Health and Armor Gauge Is hard to See.

・Unlike the Sequel, You Can't Throw Grenade.
・Also, This game Doesn't have Health Pickup.
・Killed Solder Doesn't Turn into Gibs.
Cheat code:
・Get super Shotgun: Press Y, M, P At the same time
・Get Minigun: Press Z, L, T At the same time
・Get Rocket launcher Press X, H, I At the same time