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War - PTC

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Author Comments

This is my newest - War
this animation is just about... well... war..
(please note that all of the dates listed are dates which the wars started)

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this to the other guy


Read the following:

Okay, there is so much about this flash that pisses me off, that I'm going to have to pace myself so that I can get it all in here. First, I'll begin with the most glaring errors... it really hurts whatever argument you're trying to make if your facts are either misleading or incorrect. You say Europe 1914 and say that 37 million people were killed in World War I. You list only ONE year, this not only makes it seem that the war lasted only one year(which is just plain wrong), but that all the casualties of that War were suffered during, and only during 1914. What makes this worse is that you continue to do it for the rest of the examples you listed. This is particularly asinine considering that Austrian Archduke, Franz Ferdinand was assassinated at the close of June of that year leaving only 5 months of that year to see 37 million casualties. The unadulterated truth is that the war officially ended in 1919 with the signing of the Treaty of Versailles. Second, your numbers are way the fuck off when counting the casualties of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings. 53 million?! Yeah, that number would be correct if you included all those murdered during the Holocaust and all the other international casualties of World War II. Get your fucking numbers right because that is insulting! Speaking of incorrect numbers, just take a fucking look at the year... 1937?! Germany didn't invade Poland until 1939 (the official beginning of the War). Also, Japan didn't even bomb Pearl Harbor until December 7th, 1941--since you don't seem to remember Roosevelt's historic "Day which will live in infamy" speech. Those bombs were dropped in 1945 as the war was ending not EIGHT years before it began! Also, there have been over 100,000 deaths to date in the current War with Iraq. However, you could only have mean those casualties that were suffered by the close of 2003. There is not telling of this though seeing how you only chose one year for all of your other examples, which were all wars that lasted multiple years. Beyond these glaring errors in your presentation, I can't help but note that for a movie titled "The History of War." However, this “history” lesson is very skewed. You only seem to be interested in some of the wars of the 20th and 21st Centuries that have somehow involved the United States. I find it odd and shortsighted that you completely rule out the current genocides in Rwanda and Somalia, the mass exterminations implemented during Stalin's regime in the Soviet Union (some 13 million (more than twice the casualties of the Holocaust)), or the unnumbered ancient wars that shaped all of human history: the wars of the Persians, the Japanese, the Chinese, the Mongolians, the Greeks, the English, the Romans, the French, and the innumerable revolutions that have erupted throughout Africa's tumultuous history. Your examples might have been permissible had they been correct, had your title been "A Skewed History of War," or if you'd included a wider array of historical information. However, all you really have here is a slide show of Red on Black with questionable and just plain wrong information from someone who doesn't seem to equate an "interest" in politics with a knowledge of politics. The only redeemable part of this movie was that whole space sequence, which would have been more appropriate for a sci-fi movie, not a movie which facetiously claims to be able to appropriately summarize the entire history of war.

A lot of people won't understand this.

Hey it's a decent flash but it only has one flaw... you submiting it here. Only an elite few will understand this and I hardly doubt that even those people will give it a decent score.

Its bullshit

I am sorry, but it takes more than quoting JFK to make a descent argument against human nature. It takes a little more than a very closed view on wars America has been involved in over the last 100 years to make an argument against further involvement in our current endevors. I don't mean to provide any kind of fuel for anyone you seem to view as "fascist", I am just trying to shed light on the fact that this is garbage. You don't have an argument here, this is not "deep" or "intellegent", all you do is quote random figures with no citation, and I can very easily pay attention and not be "outraged."

I hate to break it to you, but also pay attention that you are submitting this to NewGrounds, no one cares, and moreover 95% of this community is too young to have an opinion. Hopefully next time you can take some common sense with your protesting endevors.


This submission is irresponsable and like all the other submissions of the author leave out facts and are empty.

You've shown us that you have animation and sound skills, why don't you use them to come up with something more convincing rather then flooding the portal with submissions that look like they took little effort to make.

Credits & Info

2.98 / 5.00

Jul 16, 2005
3:30 PM EDT