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Woah...I wasn't really expecting this to make it. Hmmm....
I searched Newgrounds about 3 hours ago and noticed that there wasn't a jackass quiz (if there was, I missed it), so I made one about an hour ago.
I appologize for the size, but if I made the videos any smaller, you wouldn't be able to tell what was going on. My next flash WILL be better.

It's been over two years since I've submitted this.... and it's still here? Well, anyway, I know it's been way to friggin' long, but I'm going to start work on Jackass Quiz Number Two soon.... and it will be way better than this. Hell, now that I think about it, don't even play this. It's really not worth the time to load (this was an era before YouTube, so I had to embed the videos into the flash itself, which is why the file is so large), just skip this one and wait for my new one.

Over one year since that edit, and yet.. I still haven't started on the new one. God damn it. Yay having a job is fun.

Goddamn, time sure goes by fast doesn't it. Unfortunately, the second one is no where near soon (or even started for that matter), and the fact that I haven't used flash in years (literally years), I don't think it's coming anytime soon. It's been almost 5 years... holy shit!

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i loved it am a huge jackass fan my mother hates it because she got a weak stomach and pukes if she see so one puking not me lol i got a strong stomach anyways great job

couldn't assk for more! #$@%

some 13 jack-(do not want to be expelled)could ask for porn soo... EWWWWW :p *twisted thought by my budds not me :D


MrkCmblz, the song is called,"96 Quite Bitter Beings." No offense,dude. the quiz was awesome!

AgencyofStupidity responds:

thanks dude, I haven't been on here in so long, so I haven't been able to check comments and what-not.

(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
I guess if you are a big fan of the show you would know the questions more and be more interested in this.

^^Needs Improving^^
First off, the filesize is almost 5mb, which would suggest to me you put in some uncompressed audio, but I hear nothing when playing. It's also really annoying how you have to go back to the beginning after missing a question.

AgencyofStupidity responds:

yeah, looking back at this, it shames me all the flaws that I let into it. back when I knew next to nothing about flash (hell, I'm surprised that the buttons even worked). and the reason the file is so large was because I put 13-19 Mb video files into the flash itself. Anyway, thanks for the review, and I promise that if/when I get the second one finished, it will be better than this one in every way.


jackass rocks dude it was simple 4 me couse i know all....well not really but still go jackass go,go jackass go,go jackass go u rock dudes!!!!

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Jul 16, 2005
4:09 AM EDT
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