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I taught it could be interesting to apreciate this story image by image, I'm no so good for traduction but it should at least be understandeable. The action take place in Montreal...

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nice work!

ta fait du bon boulot amis la traduction est très passable mais si tu veux je pourais te la refaire!! ta jsute a le demander!

Nice job, very creative!


TABARNAK!!! lol, anyway, awesome work!

I really liked the amount of creativity you put in your work. Your efforts are to be commended. I really mean that!


That was very creative! The translation was an excellent idea, i mean, the way you made it, so I could just shift from english to french anytime and practice my french trying to guess the speeches. It's a pity most people didnt even notice these and then complained about it :(
So congratulations on the idea, the plot and the drawings, they were all excellent! Did this really happen to you?:)

Btw, the guy on the preloader looks familiar to me! It reminds me of Metzen's drawings (he's a guy who draws for Blizzard). As I saw you have a movie called "Orc Siege" I thought perhaps i was right. Am I?


good effort, i like the graphic novel style. i hate to be picky, but how about a damn english version? besides, being french is not cool. unless your either jean reno or ubisoft.

GUIJI responds:

to get the english version, press L(for language)


I really enjoyed the drawing (i am an art major after all) but of course i couldn't quite follow the plot...

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3.73 / 5.00

Jul 15, 2005
6:42 PM EDT
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