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2005-2006 PROXER preview

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Well, I've had a lot of spare time and a lot of hours wasted on Flash. My animatons might be improving some, but my abuility to actually finish something is the same as always. Keep in mind that these are some clips from half finished movies I've done, so if you actualy want to see one of them finished tell me in a review and poke me with a stick (pointy ones work the best)

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Great job Dan

You did a great job and I look forward to your new work

sharp stick -poking-

all (excep the first one NEWB!!!!111!) are looking good. i like that escape one. tha looks like it could be interesting. jus a little notice. i saw that in coja vs mr man the hands on he game station conroler were he wrong way round and it looked like the imaginary flash guy was using some ultra mega haxor gaming technique by holding nto the conroler wrong, bt then i'm hardly a flash animator so i really have no grounds to mention....

PROXER responds:

Yeah, I argee. The Escape one needs to be completed. And it's not a movie like you might suspect, its a choose your action game with 5 levels and a climactic boss battle at the end. And yes, I am aware that the hands are using the controler upsidedown. I just started and finished until I realalized that "oh shit, these hands are upsidedown, well fuck it, noone will notice". and since you did notice my exuse to you is Thats the way you play GameStation, stupid! lol :)

I liked all but the last one..

That Filler name was with the other names right? Anyway, most of them look good. And now the poking. (I found a super sharp stick for ya). Poke..poke..pokepoke.....poke...POKE...poke OH SHIT YOU'RE BLEEDING. i'M SORRY. OH SNAP OH SNAP. Keep'em coming.

PROXER responds:

Yeah, I originaly made the filler bit as practice a few YEARS ago when i was first learning Flash. It was there with the song and I didnt want to take it out

well done

it was ok

PROXER responds:

Glad you feel so strongly towards it :3


well it was alright. the only thing i noticed was this 1 movie contained 2 of the things which i am so sick of in newgrounds.

1. Random animations. random is boring and predictable now so wat if ur great at animating if u cant think of a storyline then wat gd is it unless ur making a dance video.

2. Stickmen fighting. theres millions of them now

well its not to bad just a little fed up with all these

PROXER responds:

My animatons wont be all random. people have to practice with the animations before they can get something good out of it.
Sticks are Flash baby food. Everyone's used them at one time or another, and some have even built a name for themselve with them.