The Beauty We Call Home

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www.wartorious-stuff.com for all my flash work :)
Ok, this is probably one of the best flash movies I have made so far, it's not got a lot of action, or fighting, but it has a good message and I hope you will find it relaxing, and shocking. I hope the music sounds good its highly compressed to reduce loading time. File size is now 813 KB.

I hope you don't mind the different types of imagery I have used here, I wanted to give the movie the best of flash as well as pictures of nature. Features Toxicity - System of a Down music as well as some classical music. I have greatly expanded my knowledge of scripts, and created the preloader and all else. Flash by me. - The beauty we call home

My MSN names BIGWILL64@yahoo.com, add me, I don't bite.
WARNING: May contain Nuts
For more good stuff feel free to go to www.Wartorious.com :-) I won't stop you



The good news is, this is the last blam you'll get from me. The bad news is that this means I will never watch another of your cartoons again.

cool one

a bit short, but the drawings were cool and it had an alright plot to it.

Just get on with it.

Your animation = good.
Your flash = bad.
The message was okay, but you take WAY too long to get to it.
Keep working.

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The only two main griefs I have with this flash is the choice of animation and the pace. Mainly, the use of actual photo stills and then cartoonish (and poorly animated) renditions clash severely. I'd suggest that you stick to one or the other--or, incorporate both in each frame. As for the pace, the movie gets a bit boring very quickly. Not even the final explosion, which was already expected, was worth going through the entire animation.


good effort, and i voted 5 for the points, but bad animation doesnt make something good but i DID enjoy the start scene that was cool

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2.98 / 5.00

Jul 14, 2005
10:19 AM EDT
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