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War Of The Worlds :Jersey

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weve been wanting to do this since seeing the film i hope you enjoy many thanks for watching, Russ (super_blackball)
note : contrary to popular belief the film does NOT finish after the world is squeezed when play is clicked. its just and animated menu thing the film follows straight after

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Um, seriously dude...what the hell? That was pretty lame but just decent enough to earn a 3.

What the e-f?

Dude you need to seriously improved. I'm srry but most of it was bad. The only part that I liked was..... well.... none :P


MAN! OMG that was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!good work man!


That was really funny. I love how you did that spoof off of the 'Numa Numa' video XD. My friend would absolutely love this. Good job!!! Make more of these!!!

ehhh, wtf ?

i know others asked this but i have to ask it to, what the hell does this have to do with new jersy?????? the title should be based on what the movie is about .and the animation was crapy, i meen im no da vinci....anyway it could have been better, and it wasn't really funny. the only funny parts were the ending and the outake with spielberg and that cool tripod sound.