Operation Outcast: DS

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Update: w00t!! IT MADE IT!!!

My first game. Check out the bonus stage!!! Please give constructive critism.



Not much more to say.

SPaZGHoST responds:

Thanks :}

gr8 game!

i loved it!! (to make it perfect ther are a few things u cud change like the fact that if u shoot when ther isnt an enemy it doesnt make the shooting sound, and when u go onto the bonus level (shoot the clock strawberry, brilliant! i hate those clocks!) u can't go back...) apart from that it's GR8!!!!

SPaZGHoST responds:

Why would you want to leave the bonus stage?


You should have had the terrorists shoot back after the first guy gets whacked. Cause i doubt that they wouldnt hear a gunshot and see a guy drop dead and put 2 and 2 together. Also, the guys behind the window, when you shoot through the window, they should turn and start shooting at you. Or at least have a time limit. And one more thing, in the bonus stage, i shot his shadow and he still died, so if you could fix that, that'd be great. Otherwise, nice first game.

SPaZGHoST responds:

Yah I know. BTW i fixed the shadow glitch

Could be better

It could be better, for example having some kind of scope feature, and having the terrorists shoot back, instead of just standing there idiotically like they're some kind of retards...

SPaZGHoST responds:

I was gonna have a scope but i was having trouble with it.

Turd of the Week

Poor job on this. It may win turd of the week. Sorry for giving you these bad comments but you could do better. Anyone can do better, so keep trying.


SPaZGHoST responds:


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1.88 / 5.00

Jul 12, 2005
12:30 AM EDT
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