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Emily Vs. The Zombie

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Author Comments

First flash. Everybody starts somewhere right? Well, this is where I start :)
Hope you like it.

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its good for a frist flash

its good emily looekd kind of cute and it was funny to a point i am sure the mroe you do the mroe people will be waiiting for your flashes

Gossio-el-Diablos responds:

Thanks Ryo, I'm glads you found it funny (even if it was only to a point)!

Awesome first submission.

Graphics: Ambitious attempt at animating the crap out of everything. Original but slightly awkward drawing style. Individual frames are not consistant with one another, nor is there any sense of 3D space or realistic anatomy. For everything poor or pediocre about this drawing style, though, this MURDERS THE EVERLOVING CRAP out of typical stick figure noobness! Good job! Read some more advanced drawing books and keep practicing!

Style: From the pacing and timing with the music to the various close-ups and implied cinematography, everything about this short oozes style. It could have been better if it had been in color. Maybe cool, soft pastels for the girl and her house, with stark black night outside and creepy grey zombieflesh. The two would contrast together pretty well, I think, as the drawing styles aready do.

Sound: I liked this music, it was perfect for a zombie attack in the middle of nowhere, and events were synched to it in a catchy, anxious way. Sound effects would have been nice.

Violence: Lots of blood, but no actual violence. It's more like... um, "mood blood."

Interactivity: Movie. (Note: change the color of the loading bar next time so we can actually see it on a white background. Duh.)

Humor: Hee. The look on her face is priceless. The pee was perhaps a bit excessive, but the pitiful look in her eyes kept it funny. The ending made absolutely no sense, but it was better than watching her getting her brains eaten. The sense of relief makes one feel like laughing anyway.

Overall: This is an artist to watch! Ambitious animation techniques. A bizare sense of humor. A perchant for actual storytelling as opposed to just showing us a bunch of stuff that happened. Over-the-top toon antics coupled with a demonstrated ability for realistic drawing. Oh, yes. This IS a Flash author to keep an eye on.

Gossio-el-Diablos responds:

I've read this review about five times, and I'll read it five more. Then I'll print it off and preserve it so one day I can show the grandkids and say...
"Look, this is the nicest thing anyone ever said to me on the internet!"
Then i'll probably cry a little and pretend I've got something in my eye. Then the grandkids will probably laugh at me. Little bastards!
WarpZone, you're a legend, thanks to you I've decided to make my nextflash 10 x more ambitious than it was going to be... oh it's gonna be good!



Gossio-el-Diablos responds:

Your favorite film is Evil Dead? "We can't bury Shelly, she's a friend of ours!"
I just finished reading the "Shop til you Drop Dead" comic series... definitely worth a look!
Thanks for the review!

not bad

good for a first animation... although it could've been a bit shorter. it got a bit repetitive and boring after awhile. otherwise, good job.

Gossio-el-Diablos responds:

I was your 10,034th review? Suddenly I feel so... cheap:(
Guess I did use my zombie model a bit much, but I was just so darned attached to the little fella. Cheers for the review!

Not bad at all!

Great first animation ^_^ I wish my first one was like yours. A little choppy animation but you'll improve on that soon enough.

Gossio-el-Diablos responds:

Nice one nekodesu! The animation definitely will improve, keep an eye on me!