Random Monkey Football

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Random Monkey Football/Soccer

*This movie is graphic-heavy, so if your computer is slow, please make sure you lower the quality so the movie can run as smoothly as possible*

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absolute mum - balls

The whole flash was pointless, but I can see how you thought it might be funny because you wanted to make the viewer think about the reasons for making the vid, and there aren't any. You are a good animator but need someone else to think of ideas for you because your ideas blow ass. as said by everyone. chris, you need to have good idea to make anything good. sadly you lack the genitalia to do so. better luck next time, mr waller. from chris.

Hey there chris

the animation was to 'samey' for the movie although the characters/moneys were well thought out and well drawn. the movement annoyed me as they seemed to float across ground at certain points (could've done with some shadows to show they r standing etc...)
anyway, it was ok but i would like to see some funier humour as this was not as funny as the name would suggest.

AMonkeyinaBox responds:

I think you're just annoyed that my cartoon got a much higher score than yours. Now as for the shadows to show they're standing, I think it was safe to say that you could tell they were standing, what with them having their legs straight, and the fact that they weren't falling over.

Well.. Nice to see it finished

well.. Nice one Chris. Big improvement since that of what we tried in M.B. (hehe im not spoiling it for anyone, if it would be created). The humour level compared to what was in the old creations (jeffemon *jeffamon* and the other random monkey works and the other works. And.. And.. And...) is an improvement, an improvement indeed. Of course the animation is more of an improvement. and more improvements overall.

Too much of the word *improvement* used @.@!


well, pretty good, but you lost half the points on sound because that rhubarb and custard tune is THE MOST AMMOYING DAMNED TUNE IN THE WORLD, still, its a great movie

AMonkeyinaBox responds:

I have to disagree, robbarb and custard is the best theme song ever to have existed!

well done

a nice combo of sound and animation and who was that amazingly cool sounding voice that said "it was only a bit of fun"

AMonkeyinaBox responds:

Don't worry, it was no one special. In fact, the person who did that voice is a right cock.

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3.69 / 5.00

Jul 10, 2005
4:47 PM EDT
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