Robots in Ancient Greece

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Hello! This is just the intro to my site. If you like it, cool, check out the episodes i got on the site. Also, theres a download section on the site where you can download this song, cuz many of you have been askin for it. PEACE


The animation reminded me of Jhonen Vasquez. I guess the main robot just looks like Gir. It's a pity the rest of the animation wasn't that good. It just didn't seem to have much point. I admit it was kind of unique. It was also like Hotdiggedydemon. Then again, I like he was more like John Kricfalusi.

I was hoping this would lead to more. Well, some people like it at least. It just needed to have more detail. I don't see a lot of stuff about Ancient Greece here. This just wasn't done that well.

liked it

the song is catchy
and i liked the robots

damn time paradox's

robots cant go back and kill humans.....what if the humans were decendants of there makers

ugh my head.....

lol still pretty good

So catchy

I really can't help but love the music and "song". It's just awesome...for some reason I can't explain. And thanks, it's totally stuck in my head now.


ok im not going 2 say it was great but i liked it there wasint any flash make it more exiting but ether way i liked it

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Jul 10, 2005
2:22 AM EDT
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