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What this incredible collab from, Murder_For_Hire, AlyssaMilano, and Jetninjin

7/13/05- Hey Review Crew Award nice, thank you

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This is what the milano bunch were meant for collabarations:

AlyssaMilano - I liked it you were able to both include a great classic of the musical field and also teach of valuable life lesson 9/10

Jetninjin - Wow there was some truely crazy things happening in that short, may i ask why he had to make the world a square? or is it better left unsaid.. 7/10

Murder for hire - Not bad, it was a cheap animated way of displaying life on the farm, i would of loved for there to have been a body for that head, and alittle better lipsyncing.7/10

(Kiss my ass XwaynecoltX)

J'aime sa faire le pirate

c'est l'fun faire le pirate avec des chars

I hate collabs....

Man, collabs dont do any sense, and if I dont like, i can tell this because shit work must go way and never return... This is my opinion and I live in a democracy and I can talk whatever I want

Reviewers, listen.

Why do you get angry, over a flash? There's other stuff to get angry over, but why a flash?
You guys got to cheer up, and if you don't like it, don't review, or complain.
These reviews are supposed to be used to provide support for the authors, or tell them how they can make their work better, NOT to complain.

Authors, the tetris theme is now stuck in my head, and so are some of the other songs. I can't wait to see what is next, for you. Another collaberation? A plain, old flash? A trailer?

I'd like to know, and you should know, that I actually put thought into my reviews, unlike other reviewers here.

Murder-for-Hire responds:

Yes thank you, that is what reviews are for, not just too complain like people are doing. And this wasnt supposed to be the most serious flash ever, it was more just a fun collab between a new formed forum

And people think "oh shit, this got review crew,this sucks, must of been the SS" when in fact it wasnt, a couple people were from the SS but 90% was random users,so they can go fuck them selves

so yeah There are plans more Milanlo Crew Movies in the future.


The Review crew must have been...high....drunk or something...

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2.64 / 5.00

Jul 9, 2005
11:54 PM EDT
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