The Chronicles of Grego

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I was going to make this into a full-fledged movie but I started having doubts. I cut this off at Episode one, and if it gets a good enough rating, I'll probably continue the series.

I made all the music in this movie.

I know the plot is confusing at this point, but Grego is the guy who fell at the beginning.


needs work

It was kind of confusing. The animation could have been a little smoother. The music was alright though. Since this is a chronicles maybe if theres a sequel it will be improved plotwise.


Don't mean to make fun of you, but that made no sense at all, please try to make something decent next time.


Well, first off: I hate when people just totally go out on people who submit things. Most of you probably can't even do things like that. Just say what needs to be worked on. And PLEASE, PLEASE pay attention in grammar class. Learn how to use at least commas, and MAYBE even periods if I'm lucky.

Now, it has some potential, I just think you have to go a little further and put some more effort into it. Try to also integrate a little bit more of a storyline, and make the graphics a little bit better. Just those three things alone will boost my 5 up to at least a 7. Good luck. :)

See how I didn't totally bash him?

bad man bad

ok lady thats enough every one else thinks its bad because its true he might be ur friend but so tell himthe truth about what you think dont say hes gonna be a amzing movie maker when hes not no more lies from u and sorry to say but your anamation skills are bad and the song sucked ok improve on the graphics and the music and mabye just mabye youll do better


All you little assholes that said bad shit about Patrick/his animating skills are full of shit. Yeah, that's right, I said it. You're exposed for what you're truly made of.

Patrick, 'we all' (I'm sure it wouldn't take you too many tries to guess which group I'm talking about) love you, and this is a top-notch movie! I'm adding it to my movies right after I'm done writing this top-notch review of your top-notch movie with top-notch drawings, animation, sound effects, and music! It was all pro! I'm sure you'll be getting big-budget movie scripts any day now, Mr. Shields! We will all bow done before the movie-making machine that is *dun, dun-dun-dun* pATRICk, sHIELDs!

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2.71 / 5.00

Jul 9, 2005
2:15 PM EDT