Convoitise et Sensation

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i must say... i still don't know wtf is goin on in this flash, but the title means "lust and sensation" and took jus a few hours to make ova 750 frames of goodness



This was so strange that it was cool at the same time. Even the same Mainlines, Blood and Sexuality depend on such an crappy entrie.
But through this and the good music, I give my belongings to this.


it might have been good. if the graphics weren't so blurry and 'jumpy'. then, there was no point to the pictures shown. or i just missed it.
the music was fine, though.

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Are you ready to be bored?

What the hell was that???? I thought I was going to have a seisure.No good.Try again.

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FiveStar responds:

try again? yea, i might as well do it all ova and see if i can pass it 2 tymez, lol man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the reasons i rated your movie as so being!

ok man let review the movie... everything starts a 10!
the black and white is not good so you get a -5 in graphix then its blurry so you get another -5 in graphix! the style is gross and sick so you get a -5! the music is not going with the music so you get a -5! the violence is hard core so you get a +3 but your doing it on an annimal and thats not cool so you get a -5! theres no interactivity so u get a 0!(dont worry this is not a game) there is not supose to be any humor but i found myself chuckling at everything you made and how you made it so ill give you a -9!
and the overall is how muched i liked it-and illtell you ive seen worse(axually much worse) so ill just -8!

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FiveStar responds:

awwwwwww mayun

One step at a time...

You're animation needs a little work, but everyone has room for improvement. Next time, try adding a little color and maybe make the flash a little slower. Half the time I wasn't really sure what was going on...sex?

Well, we all start somewhere...right?

(nice sailboat)

-Good work. Good luck.

FiveStar responds:

well i wanted to make a quick fucked up flash

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Jul 8, 2005
11:42 PM EDT