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Well this is my first creation in a long time, and the first ever with this new account. The idea when i was making this is that it would be as easy to learn as possible, while still being challenging in the long run.

If you want to know how to get the cheats, then you have to do well in the Normal difficulty.

Please give me reviews, and tell me what kinds of things I can add if I make a sequel. Thanks in advance.

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Fun, Simple, a good time killer.

Not bad, was a bit simplistic for my taste but still, well done

(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
A simplistic and enjoyable game. The graphics remind me of an old vector based game I used to play very similar to this. Game play was smooth. I like how the screen shook slightly when you took damage. Challenging and fun to play.

^^Needs Improving^^
Hmm, maybe the enemies could have varied a bit from wave to wave. I did about five or so waves and it was basically the same thing over and over.

Cheat codes

nra forever : Infinite Ammmo
i'll be back, baby. : Invulnerable
activate kitten mode : Nine Lives
pimp my rocket : Super Missles
royale with cheese : Divine Intervention
we need guns. lots of guns. : All weapons

copy and paste them(including the periods, but not colons)

Wtf just hit me?

The only thing i could think about while playing... it was like the enemies had invisible lasers... i would see a huge amount of enemy fire, dodge it all and then randomly i would be hit... wish i could actually play this game. it would be awsome fun if i could keep going...

Better than others

This is way better than those other ones like this. I also like the shaky effects.

Credits & Info

3.78 / 5.00

Jul 8, 2005
9:14 PM EDT