Mother Nature (5 SOBr)

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This movie was a runner up for the recent 5 Shades movie, but was turned down due to file size problems.



i was getting into it too!
sorry about the missing scene dude


look like it was almost made overnight...the idea was funny, and the situation was good. the thing that lacked was the time put in it... too bad you could have done great with that one.


Not THAT bad. Could have been better. The Graphics looked rushed. next time try a little hard and give alittle more effort and it could be good.


Good but short

The graphics are OK, but the story is kinda hasty because of the movies length. I liked it, though :)

Scene Missing.... along with the plot

The animation style was fairly good and the inclusion of the sound was fairly decent...

But you lost me about there - I couldn't see much of a plot or a point, I couldn't find any humour irony or even a political statement in it.... it seemed like it was missing something of an essence.

Like I said, I like the animation style - the old feel of the Sepia Tone and the sound was smooth - you just need to apply it to a more decent plot line.

And writing "That's blood, not poo you sicko" at the end - I tend to think less of a movie when it directly attacks the viewer (me) - especially when it's defending something of it's content...
I like to think I'm semi-intelligent - I don't need the author pointing things out to me... especially not if he's going to call me a sicko for something I didn't even do.

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2.27 / 5.00

Jul 8, 2005
5:02 AM EDT
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