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Wow. Finally finished my first flash project... Time done... 24 hours..mabye a little less.. but it didnt come out to bad. Anyway Zero and X are planning to stop another evil guy from doing something wrong, when zero loses contact with X and finds himself fighting another copy X. Had to finish this today because im leaving for 2 weeks soon. May be a series if people actually like it. This week was the FIRST time i opened flash, and was the first time i worked with sprites. So go easy on the voting, and please leave reviews, I will answer all of them.


I liked it!

Usually when people make thier first flash it sucks,but this is awesome!The only real prob is that you made the sprits really small.I hope you make a sequel!

TideofDarkness responds:

Yea. I noticed a few people brought of the sprite size. I already fixed this problem before i even went on vacation though so this won't be a problem in the next episode. Thanks for the review

Pretty good!

I liked it. for the amount of time you spent on it, i think it came out quite nicely. The plot flowed very well, and the speech was timed perfectly so I had just enough time to finish reading it. Nice job, hope to see episode 2 soon!

TideofDarkness responds:

Thanks. Yea I'll be working on the next one soon. Or i will be making a extended version of the first episode and fix some of the bugs. Thanks for the review.

Not bad

Are you working on Part 2?
Nice movie but too few scene's/room's/Too short.

TideofDarkness responds:

Yea, was kind of dissapointed i had to end the first episode so soon. Going through some more tutorials...just got full time flash from a friend so there are no worries. Going on a 2 week vacation tommorow, but you can bet I'll be working on another one soon as i get back.

Time for some sprite advice!

Okay, I see that you're a budding sprite artist, so I'm going to give you some advice to improve WITHOUT insulting you. Can you believe it? Well, anyways, what you must first do is try and make the running sprites less choppy. Try to have the sprite's feet touch the ground instead of making it look like they're floating a bit above the surface, and if there is supposed to be a fence in front of them, like in the third scene, please take the time to make it look like they're behind the fence. Also, the sprites were sometimes shaking when they should have been standing still, such as Master X's transformation scene. Unless you intend to make the entire scene shake, try to avoid having the sprite move from it's original position like that. In sprite comics it can be hard to notice, but in sprite movies it is obvious. Also, try to make some unique and custom poses instead of purely relying on ripped sprites (although you may want to wait on that until you have enough experience to customize sprites and make them look believable). And speaking of customs, if your custom character is an unaltered sprite that's just renamed (like Phantom, as he appears to be here), than you're in the basement of the "custom sprite food chain," so to speak. Try to make some alterations to the character, or at the very least (even though it's n00bish) change the sprite's colors! Just try and make him different from the original sprites! Now, the battles and deaths of the guards were fine, no need to bother with those too much unless you want to add more effects, but I'd personally suggest adding a "next" button to the textboxes so that people can read them and continue the story at their own pace. Also, if something it happening to someone, like it did to X in the third scene, try to seperate the cries and broken messages from being all into one textbox to being several messages in consecutive textboxes, or at least appearing in the textboxes at seperate intervals for making a good effect.

Now, follow that advice, and do a little sprite-tutorial researching, and you have the makings to be a great spriter! Good luck!

TideofDarkness responds:

It's so refreshing to see someone write a review, stating whats good and whats bad without just insulting the creator. Thanks for the review.

Yea I realize there are a few flaws here and there...I was having a bitch of a time trying to get the text to work, so i ended up using it the way i did. Luckily i just figured out buttons so hopefully i can use that in my next movie. Thanks alot for the tips, im sure they will come in handy.


Nice job for ure first one But when ure going to make a new Movie..Speed up your FPS

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Jul 8, 2005
1:48 AM EDT
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