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This is my most ambitious frame-by-frame animation yet, and I'm very pleased with the results.

This cartoon got its start about 4 years ago as a flip-book that I never finished. about a year ago, I found some of the index cards with drawings of chickens and eggs, and decided to make a flash cartoon. I worked on it for a few days, but didn't really have the hang of frame-by-frame yet, so I put it aside until a few days ago.

In the past two days I did about 3/4 of the animation, drew the background, dug up the sound effects (with a little help from a friend - thanks p3g) and edited the music. Being unemployed seemed to help my ability to animate, go figure.

The music is by Danny Barnes, check out his website by clicking on his name at the end of the toon.

I've rambled on enough - I hope you enjoy this cartoon, 4 years in the making... sort of. Enjoy!

[UPDATE: 07/10/05]
All you people complaining about the background can be happier now, I've re-drawn the background so it fits more with the drawing style of the chicken, because.. um. Yeah, you were right. The background was kinda sketchy.

Since this hit the front page (*still running around, waving arms, screaming wildly*) I've gotten so many reviews that I'm not gonna be able to reply to each one... But I do still read them all, and I do reply to some, so please keep reviewing. Thanks!

[UPDATE: 03/09/06]
I've been noticing that this toon is continuing to recieve a steady flow of views, more than I expected, since it's off the front page and has been for months and months now... Then, one day, while doing a casual look about on Newgrounds, I happened to notice if you click the "Toons" link and scroll down a bit, my toon appears right there, with 3 other toons, one of which happens to be "There She Is," which happens to be one of my favorite toons EVER. So I'm not only in extraordinarily good company, I've also got a pretty nice piece of real-estate for this toon without even knowing it. That's fantastic, and I'd just like to thank the NG staff for putting me there, it gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling. Thank you.

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My jaw dropped!!!

The animation was great and the ending was unexpected.

wait a second...

How is this mature but "marios date" teen? anyways, great movie, and I liked it.


in the egg is a monster


what was inside the egg?