Squealer - Chasing Cats

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Zues's beard! front page? holy moses, that's the coolest! thanx guys. enjoy.

it's a music video. that's all. not a funny movie, not a violent movie. just a short music video for Squealer. check him out at: http://sqlr.cjb.net


swell and nifty

I remember watching this when i first came to ng.
First thing i watched here.
Then i moved on and whatnot but i still enjoy this quite a bit.
Always a classic feature to watch

I love this Flash!

Hey great job! I've been obsessed with this flash for SO FREAKIN LONG >< It just really. . .Just YAY! But yes! I've finally decided to write to you! Thank you for making this! IT IS SERIOUSLY ONE OF MY FAVORITE FLASH VIDEOS

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tonyfuzz responds:

thank you for making my week.

I don't know why this makes me laught....

...I don't know maybe there's something wrong with the way I percieve the world, but things like this make me laugh, a lot. A dog chasing a cat is funny. A bone dog chasing a bone cat, and a dog that is barking when it has no vocal cords or mouth, that just cranks the sh** out of me with laughter. And I like the little sayings you have in there "I missed you. but my aim is getting better." Ha...golden.

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tonyfuzz responds:

don't worry. that's normal. : )


OK dude pretty accurate depiction of the anatomy but the movement wasn't too real.
And it kinda lost me after the cat and dog ran across the sceen for the 25th time.

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nice, unique spin on an old problem :D

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Jul 5, 2005
9:52 PM EDT
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