ThE EsCaPe (edited)

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This is a fixed version of my other movie

this is a movie i made and i love it . i hope u love it too

and it isn't a normal stcik man its drawn with paint brush


Great job!

The car scene made me lol my ass off! This try to imitate sirens and car engine totaly pwned!!!! Make more of the carchases(dunno if its right word) in next version! gJ!!!


So basically this is an updated version of your other movie? Than don't re-submit it. Just load the update in the " Your Submissions " part of your profile card. It'll take away the old one and insert this one under the same name and everything.

Too short,Not that funny,Not good

Stick Figures always make it look bad and a few parts were kinda jumbly and the storyline was a bit confusing cause at the start its like why is he here and how did he get here and a whole bunch of other stuff.

rosskitcherTRT responds:

well i did to a massive story line to it but its on the other version go look

Not too bad

I had a good chuckle at the car chase sound effects. Nothing like the sound of someone doin' a "weeerrweerrr".

You did screw up the cop cars lights though. Just make the lights go all the way around next time. You were missing like one or two frames from it being decent.

Lastly, I think you threw the story into action too soon. Just like, blam! we are fighting! I think it would have been better with a title at the start or something. Just before you BAM! all of a sudden.

Other then that, not bad. Not pro, but at least this won't be blamed.

rosskitcherTRT responds:

well i did to a mass ive story line to it but its on the other version go look

It was okay but...

I see why the graphics are bad because they are made out of paint so it wouldn't be that good. The violence was okay. i expect more violence in stick man. unless there would some useless movie. you are @ 4 for me

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2.58 / 5.00

Jul 5, 2005
7:46 AM EDT
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