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Dynamite Lock

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Author Comments

Hi, i did this movie because magic clock
banned me 6 times and i hate him!
Toter Zauber Uhr!
but i am still a Clock.
Credits:music-me(just got FL5),flashkit
TNT Clock is a THIEF I am already TNT!
Enjoy&leave review&Add me to Favorites

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Im not a Nazi, im Arabic

I was mean to you earlier(Because you are a fucking isreally bastard, lol) now i will be fair...
(its me lizard by the way)

The graphics were not bad at all, the voices..did you use that kind of program were you type stuff and a computeristic voice say it loud?
the voices were...OK

not very funny, its not a very bad movie though...

You isreally pussyXD!


that was great! really great!
i'm a clock a lock and king of the pie patrol!
join the pie patrol! we are the nicest group of flash makers!
we wont ban you for alternate accounts or taken names
or age, so join! you know you wanna!
the website is in my profile

- SugarClock AKA Aquamarine Lock (Username: Lock Lock)

HydraulicCat responds:

and, how did you know I have many alternate accounts???
Thanks, and if you want, I am in the
RCC-Revolutionizers club
its www.RCC.kef.li
and watch my other submissions too :)

well dont u hate when people start 2 get more

power then you then thay do dum shitt cuse the power goes 2 thar head well i hope thay give u another chance not shurr y thay or he did that thow just says thay did 4 some reson o well looks like you dont even neeed em lol good work keep it up

HydraulicCat responds:


Awsome movie!

That was funny as hell. Evil locks and clocks....

This movie is swell

silly you, hes TNT clock, theres a difference you know!!!

and magic is a nazi :D

awesome movie

HydraulicCat responds: