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July 4th Minigame

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Mynamewontfitin posted a topic on the NG BBS Flash forum asking for a scripter for this game. So I said I would, and I did pretty much all of it last night. It's the first real game I've ever scripted, and I'm still pretty new to game AS. So bare with it.

The point of the game is to set off fireworks and get the biggest combo you can. (Max 5.) And for every 5 combo you get your total score is multiplied by 1.5, so the more 5 combos, the higher your score!

More instructions are available in game.

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(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
A pretty fun tribute, including one of the most traditional things about the fourth of July. The game was really challenging. Made my fingers very tired and I still had a hard time getting even a four combo. Guess I need to get a bit faster.

^^Needs Improving^^
You really could have added an option to shut off the music. I can't stand that song.

How did I miss this?

-cook-: nice AS; myname: nice animation; you guys make a great team. I can't believe it took me a whole month, almost, to see and play this fricken boss game!!

Very nice

I see all thes people saying the game was "too hard". Well what is a game that you dont have to really work to get the best score? I think you guy's did a very nice job. I wouldn't have this game any other way.

It was pretty fun

it was hard at first, but then i got the hang of it and boom 5

Heh this game rox!

Awesome scripting cook. Thanks alot for helping out on such short notice.

Credits & Info

3.33 / 5.00

Jul 4, 2005
2:09 AM EDT