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Death Nadir - Episode 0

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Small edit: The beginning music is taken from Sonic CD. It's the Bad Future Boss music, I just forget to put that in the credits. Sorry about that. Anyway...

First of all, this was meant to be the start of Episode 1, but file-size problems and novelty values mean it's now being submitted in it's own right.

So what's going on here, you may ask? First off, yes. It's ANOTHER Star Wars parody. Lame? But of course. Except this time we're concentrating on When Fans Go Wrong. Essentially someone cocks up when powering up their glowing sword of death, and animal cruelty ensues.

So yes, it's probably not much for you guys at the moments, I apologise. You never know, you might like the next one.

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Very well done.

Quite a fun, wacky spin on Star Wars and it's fans. Everything about it was well made, interesting and original. Look forward to seeing more.



Nice. Cat got electrocuted!

I liked that!

I liked that flash. I noticed the AAHC poster in the background.

nice one steven

this is great and funny, which gained you admission to the team :d lol but i told u that last night so why am i putting it here>? :s lol see ya Later mate


episode 0? so this means that this is a teaser i'm guessing. It looks cool.. good use of graphics with text readings. The music is really good. Very nice work with animating. Looks very professional. Damn! Very great work here!