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For the fans: (not that I got any) I am making sort of a sequel, it will contain the beloved ribbons and a story line, also a whole new sort of music but you'll see when it's done. I expect it next week. So check it out!

Frame by frame by frame, over 4000 of them! No tweens used, running at 18 fps. Music by Alessandro Safina, I like reviews and enjoy!



it wuz coo. maik more plz

Entertaining, colorful, enjoyable

I just watched your zubaduwiep, and I found that to be entertaining, in many ways this is similar, I like your style of color , lines, and a song. A lot of randmonness but it's still entertaining, that's what makes it entertaining. You have great skills, and a great imagination. :)

What is the 3rd by frame for

the title didn't make sense. I was expecting animations in fbf within an fbf animation *note: don't steal that idea from me now, it's mine* otherwise it was a pretty average and simple line fbf flash with better than average music. keep working at it and start pushing your limits more.

Jovatov responds:

The third 'frame' is just that it goes on, frame by frame by frame.

do you like random stuff or wat

hey its me game mad the ultamate flash 9 yr old ( realy truly thats y i cant spell well cool that rymes or say someone and i or anythin) that was good but it was relaxing and its ok for pregnant people and babys with all those shapes and coloures but realy what under 10 go on here (sept me) i quit in the middle of it please reply with your thoughts objections or oppinyons

Jovatov responds:

yes u r a very cool person and i love you and ur reviews please spam my email so i can love u 4 evar!!!!!!11

Nice sound

I really liked the music choice, it was very different from all the other FBF I have seen. It really gave the flash a different feeling.
The quality of the sound was very good. I caught my self drawn in by the music. Fortunatly I caught some of the words here and there. The music was so nice I hit replay to listen again.
The animation was good also.

Jovatov responds:

Thanks, I like the music too, that's why I used it :)

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2.82 / 5.00

Jul 3, 2005
12:37 AM EDT