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I totally forgot about this movie and i decided to just finish it up. THis is supposed to go along with the other three movies that are like this but i just fergot. Anyway hope you like it.



It could of been better, it was pretty lame.
The graphics were fine, they matched the style and I like that.
The style was also fine, it matched the unscriptish movie.
The sound was fine, it matched the style of the movieit was a good sound in general, good chose.
The script, it was your big falling, this movie's script was unclear, it was also pretty silly, you have to work harder on that.

This movie was fine, just pay attention to the script.

x3rxes responds:

I totally agree. I started this a long time ago and just decided to spend 20 minutes and see what would happen. I really dont care what i get. Im workin on other shit that actually i will take time doin. Thx for the input tho.


This sort of confused me... What was the point of that? It was just a bunch of rockets taking off and missiles being fired off. The art and animation wasn't TOO bad, I've definatly seen much worse, but still it wasn't tip-top. I don't know, I guess I just didn't like it. =(

x3rxes responds:

no point. just bored.

Woah... deep

That was really dark in its own way.

x3rxes responds:

ahh by dark you mean different shades of grey?

could have been so much better.

i've seen some of your other stuff and it's kinda neat. you do
have your own stick style and your music selections are usually ok
but this time was different. the music was no good and the
animation was sub par to your abilities. i do however hope to see
a remake or something similar.


Well it was pretty good. If you get the chance, add some color to the rocket at the start. Good luck in the future.

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2.96 / 5.00

Jul 2, 2005
3:55 PM EDT
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